About Kanniga Thai Restuarant!

If you have heard of KANNIGA’S THAI RESTAURANT before that would not be surprising as this eatery has been operating in Christchurch since 1986 and has formidable reputation. The Kanniga Thai restaurant has been serving beautifully prepared and delicious Thai food more than 25 years. Indeed, it was the first Thai restaurant to open in the area, bringing the excitement of the national cuisine of Thailand to the people of Christchurch and North Canterbury.

Thai cuisine is unique of a number of Southeast Asian cooking traditions and puts an emphasis on fresh ingredients, light preparation with strong aromatic flavour and aromas. The popularity of Thai food is demonstrated by the fact that since the first arrived all those years ago it is now established as one of the country’s most popular oriental cuisines.


Kanniga’s has just opened again with the same mouth-watering traditional Thai menu since 2005 at KAIAPOI. Kaiapoi resident will be familiar with Kanniga’s at 61 Williams St Kaiapoi. We also offer a number of special dishes on every menu that are more traditional in style. The delicious menu available at Kanniga is a largely what is known as modern Thai, a combination of traditional ingredients with local produce to create a superb fusion of traditional and modern tastes.

We are happy to be in the kitchen and all of the staffs are pleased to welcome both their old customers and those who have yet to savour the delights of this great little Kaiapoi Thai restaurant serving terrific Thai food with a warm welcome.